Sunburst Software: Type to Learn 4

Type to Learn is still considered a flagship product by Sunburst. If you are still using an older version of Type to Learn let us know. We can get you information regarding the changes in Type to Learn 4. Also, we are authorized for all other Sunburst's products so contact us for a quote.

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Type to Learn 4

Type to Learn 4 Lab Pack (5-user) $199.95

Type to Learn 4 Lab Pack (2 x 5-user) $399.90

Type to Learn 4 Network Version $799.95

Type To Learn 4 School Unlimited $799.95

Type to Learn 4 Single Building Unlimited Web Site License $999.95


Type to Learn 4

Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information

"a New Foundation of the Type to Learn Series!"

Developed on a research-based method of sequential, cumulative touch-typing instruction, Type to Learn 4 builds critical 21st Century skills for all students in grades K-12.

"Type to Learn is still the standard in keyboarding!"

The integrated cycle of review, demonstration, practice, and assessment, with continuous reinforcement of home row positioning and ergonomic safety, teaches proper fingering for each key with ample opportunity for skills practice. The program emphasizes both accuracy and words per minute speed, and provides each student with individualized remediation and goals for success. This engaging, all-new product wraps keyboarding lessons into an intriguing world of adventure and information, complete with exciting new activities and redesigned student and teacher interfaces.

Type to Learn 3

Type to Learn 3 is no longer available. Please ask us about Type to Learn 4.